Why JASPak Solar Generators?

The JASPak Portable Solar Generator Is Your Only Solution For Portable Solar Electricity

Stay ahead of the next emergency and have your JASPak Portable Solar Generator ready when you need it!

Solar generators have an unfortunate stigma because too many companies have taken inadequate parts from overseas and slapped them into poorly designed systems The JASPak Solar Generatorand then charged thousands of dollars under claims of never-ending electricity.  It is unfortunate, but true.

Solar generators are now labeled as inadequate because they were not properly advertised and didn’t live up to the standards that were laid out for them. There are too many advertising pictures of under-sized and under-powered units running refrigerators, microwaves and coffee pots.

The JASPak Portable Solar Generator has now redefined the industry and is restoring faith in American made products! Find out why your best investment in renewable, emergency backup electricity is with the JASPak Portable Solar Generator!

Here is why your only solution is the JASPak Portable Solar Generator:

  • Silent, fume-free, fuel-free, clean, green and reliable emergency power for you and your family!
    When the lights go out – be sure you can keep your food fresh, lights on and television available for emergency information.
  • Ready when you are – at any time!
    The JASPak Portable Solar Generator comes complete with a full time battery charging unit plugged into your house power so the unit is always charged and ready to serve. It is designed to maintain your solar generator AT ALL TIMES when you store your solar panel. The JASPak Portable Solar Generator is designed to be connected to the solar panel, or the battery charger at all times so the unit is always ready!
  • 100 to 520 watts of pure solar generated electricity!
    No other solar generator on the market today offers solar sizing this robust. From a single 100 watt up to a 520 watt set of American made solar panels.  Why do you want as much solar power as you can get?  Because when you need power generated, you don’t want to wait for days to recharge your system – you want it recharged in hours!
  • Portable power where you need it!
    All JASPak Portable Solar Generators and the 300 or 520 watt solar panel are on wheels and easily moved to where you need your power – even to the truck or car if you want to take it with you camping or need it at the cabin in the woods
  • Ease of use!
    Open the lid, turn on the unit and plug in your devices and appliances!  Charge your mobile devices with the included USB Ports!  Charge your GPS unit or other 12v device with the included 12 volt outlets!  Plug in and individually control your regular household appliances and devices with individual power outlets.
  • Roll out the solar panel and plug it in!The JASPak Solar Generator
    During daylight hours, simply carry or roll out the 300 or 520 watt solar panel and attach the 50 ft power cord to the JASPak Portable Solar Generator. Instantly capture the power of the sun to recharge your system and keep your power available. Also, don’t worry about leaving the panel out and connected overnight because it has been built to protect your system from losing ANY power with special diodes to keep your battery from discharging.
  • Pure Sine Wave Power at NO EXTRA COST!
    The JASPak Portable Solar Generator uses only the finest inverters which produce the cleanest electricity possible.  This is not an upgrade that costs you money – this is STANDARD EQUIPMENT!  Modified Sine Wave inverters are not suited for ALL electrical devices.  Pure Sine Wave inverters offer the best power available!
  • Compare us to the others!
    Visit the JASPak comparison page to see how the JASPak Portable Solar Generator stacks up against the competition in quality, power and cost.  We are confident that the JASPak Portable Solar Generator will be everything you are looking for in portable power for a cost that cannot be beat!