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Infromation about the solar industry is plentiful on the Internet.  The crew at JASPak Portable Power Solutions has used the Internet many time to help answer design questions and also to learn about new technology.  Allow us to share pages and locations that we found very useful for purposes of research and design.  Spend some time reading about solar power and how it is used and stored and see why JASPak is the best in the business and have the products to back us up!

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Decisions, Decisions…

If you are here visiting JASPak Solar Generators, then you already know what you are looking for.  The next question after deciding you need a solar generator is which one to get.  The solar generator industry is growing rapidly.  There are several very good designs in the market right now.  Some come in bags, some can roll-up, some can’t be moved and some are just not strong enough.  The end result is that there are many choices and options.  We believe that the JASPak Solar Generator has everything in one unit that you can want in a portable, on-demand solar power generator unit!

The goal of the JASPak design team was to create a solar generator that was large enough to power household appliances, yet not SO big that is needs a crane to move around.  There is a very fine line between robust power while maintaining mobility and the JASPak Solar Generator has achieved this.

While we do agree that price is a very important aspect for an investment of this magnitude, there are also many other indicators of quality that should be considered.  Battery size.  Solar Panel size.  Where was it made?  Where were the components made?  How is the warranty?