JASPak L.E.D. Lighting

When the lights go out, turn them back on!

JASPak now provides efficient and brilliant L.E.D. flood lighting to run off of your JASPak portable solar generator. The JASPak Solar Generator
Our effective L.E.D. system uses a flexible tripod for use in almost any location. Position it wherever you need it. 10’ power cord, 12VDC input and a weatherproof housing make this versatile lighting solution perfect for the home or car.

The JASPak Solar GeneratorFor perimeter protection, JASPak introduces the L.E.D. Perimeter Detection System (PDS). Using the same base as our standard L.E.D. system, the PDS design incorporates additional safety features like integrated motion detection and a much longer 50’ cord for outdoor positioning. The PDS design is aimed towards a small footprint, discrete placement outside and the ability to illuminate prowlers and trespassers moving around in the dark of night when there are no street lights.

Keep your family secure inside your home and provide security lighting outside your home with motion detection when the power is out!


The JASPak Solar Generator