The JASPak 1850

The Largest In The Business!

JASPak Portable Solar Generators brings you the largest portable powerhouse around!

Largest Available Power

The JASPak Solar GeneratorThe JASPak 1850 Portable Solar Generator system is the largest and most powerful portable solar generation system available. No other product comes close to the power and size of our 520 watt JASPak 1850 Solar Generator system. The 2 piece powerhouse sets up in minutes and provides power for hours! Unfold the dual-panel set and recharge rapidly!

American Pride

Our flagship 520 watt system uses ALL AMERICAN MADE COMPONENTS:

  • 153Ah VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Solar Power battery with a keyed master on/off switch
  • 1100 watt, Pure Sine Wave inverter to provide clean, reliable electricity at 110VAC @ 60Hz
  • Four 110 volt outlets on a switch
  • 12 volt sub-systems with two 12v outlets and USB charging ports on individual switches and fuses
  • Premium 12 volt battery charger/maintainer, desulfator standard with all generator systems
  • Folding, rolling, 520 watt, mono-crystalline solar panel sets with 50ft power cable
  • Full range panel tilt mounts for manual sun tracking and large 7″ wheels
  • 30 amp MPPT solar charge controller with digital LCD meter for volts and amps
  • Complete battery capacity monitor with remaining power and charge status
  • Full 1-Year Warranty


What Will The JASPak 1850 Run, And For How Long?

The JASPak 1850 Portable Solar Generator works from a single 153Ah AGM battery. The rule for general operation of a solar generator is to not consume more than 50% of the battery in any single usage to provide for a long battery life and maximum charge/recharge cycles. The information below assumes battery operation only and NO SOLAR INPUT. Running time is greatly increased while solar power is being generated and put back into the system! If you adapt your usage to this rule, you can expect the following running times based on watts consumed:

Cell phone charging at 8 watts/hr:….85-90 hours
L.E.D. Lighting at 10 watts/hr:………75-80 hours
Light bulb at 60 watts/hr:……………14-15 hours
22″ box fan at 80 watts/hr:………….11-13 hours
Television at 120 watts/hr:………….7-8 hours
Typical refrigerator at 140 watts/hr:.12-16 hours
(1 hour on, 1 hour off)
(10 watts = 1Ah)

The JASPak 1850 uses a 1100 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter with a peak surge of 2200 watts for 3-5 seconds. This system is designed to run equipment under 1100 watts.

Solar Charge Controller

The JASPak Solar GeneratorJASPak Portable Solar Generators use MPPT technology to bring your system to a full charge quickly by intelligently maximizing the input voltage to higher charge amperage. All charge controllers come with a panel display for quick visibility to amps and volts.

Standard Features

Battery gauge displays current level of charge. Indicator shows timeframe of most recent full charge. The gauge is connected directly to the battery and does not require the main switch to be on for a quick view of state of charge.

USB and 12VDC Power Ports

The JASPak Solar GeneratorThe system includes three USB power ports that enable you to charge a variety of USB devices. Charging current ranges from 1.25a to 2.5a and will charge most tablets, pads and phones. Also, we have built in two 12VDC outlets for L.E.D. lighting, car chargers and any other 12VDC appliance you may need.

Always Ready

Simple to use, simple to maintain and simply all you need. The JASPak 1850 will provide many years of reliable service thanks to our integrated full-time battery maintenance system. Plug it into your house power and it will always be 100% ready for you when the lights go out…or if you take it to the game for tailgating – or camping – or hunting – or just to the backyard for watching the game!

Fast Solar Recharging

The JASPak Solar GeneratorThe JASPak 1850 Portable Solar Generator system is designed to recharge a system from 50% depth of discharge to 100% charge in one day of sunshine while keeping your load running too! The 520 watt panel set folds and rolls. The panels close face-to-face to protect them while in storage. When needed, you just roll and open. We have built a truly cyclic system that is designed to run for days and days on a simple charge/recharge cycle.

The JASPak 1850 Portable Solar Generator system comes standard with a 520 watt solar panel set. The following recharge times assume 1) No load on the system 2) Battery is at 50% depth of discharge 3) Solar input power is at 75% of rated wattage:

520 watts with 390 watts of power:……..3-5 hours

Incorporation of more than 520 watts of solar power into the JASPak 520 Portable Solar Generator will void the warranty and may cause equipment damage and personal harm.


The JASPak Solar GeneratorThe JASPak 1850 is able to have battery pack expansions added. Due to the size of our solar charge controller, we are at the maximum solar input on this system and cannot add any additional solar panels at this time.