Frequently Asked Questions

JASPak Solar Generator Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Do not hesitate to send us your questions – the only stupid question is the one not asked…!


    • Why not just buy a gas generator?
      – One needs fuel – the other needs sunshine. Our theory is simple when faced with this question by people – if it all hits the fan and you need power, what do you think will get replenished first? Gasoline/Diesel/Propane or do you think sunshine will be available first? Most folks agree sunshine will be back first. If you’re out of fuel – you are out. If you are out of sunshine – wait until tomorrow. You have much better odds of getting and keeping power with solar than you do with fueled machines.


  • How much does the JASPak and solar panel weigh?
    – The JASPak weighs about 147 pounds and rolls very nicely when you pull it by the handle!  The solar panel weighs about 55 pounds


  • What are the dimensions of the JASPak and the solar panel?
    – The JASPak is built inside the Pelican 1620 case which about 23″ x 18″ x 13″ on the outside.  The 300 watt solar panel about 40″ wide and about 78″ high.


  • Does my JASPak come equipped with a regular battery charger as well as the solar panel for charging?
    – YES!  All JASPak units ship with a state-of-the-art AGM battery charger for maintaining a full battery while not in use with the solar panel.


  • Can I leave the regular battery charger connected to the JASPak all of the time?
    – YES!  Please do!  We have chosen this model of charger exactly for this reason.  You can leave the charger connected forever and your battery will remain in a predictable state of full charge for whenever you need it!  This charger is GUARANTEED to never over-charge or damage your battery!


  • What is the expected lifetime of the JASPak Solar Generator battery?
    – When you follow the user manual and instructions, you will have no problem getting 5+ years from your battery.  The number one rule in battery care is the charge!  Your battery MUST ALWAYS BE FULLY CHARGED!!!  This is why we have included the AC battery charger at no additional cost!  This is the key to years of battery life.  This charger must be connected at ALL POSSIBLE TIMES!  This charger will maintain your battery and keep it sulfate-free for maximum performance!


  • Does the JASPak come with USB cables for charging mobile phones and tablets?
    – No, we do not supply any USB cables for charging mobile devices.


  • Why does the JASPak  use a 300 watt solar panel and most others use about half of that?
    -Simply answered – when the sun is out, you want to charge that system as fast as you can.  The JASPak’s perfect combination of a 300 watt solar panel and 30 amp MPPT charge controller bring you the best opportunity to get the most charge from the available sunlight.


  • Do I have to use the JASPak Solar Panel, or can I use my own?
    – In order to maintain and not void your warranty on the JASPak Solar Generator, you must only use the provided 300 watt solar panel that comes with the JAPak Solar Generator.  The use of any other solar panel cannot be guaranteed safe or operational and we do not recommend or warrant this at all!  We do plan on a “Bring Your Own Panel” version that will use industry standard solar panel connections in early 2013 and that generator-only unit will provide the support for using your own panel(s).