Compare JASPak Portable Solar Generator Systems

The JASPak Portable Solar Generator Stands Alone!

See why the JASPak Portable Solar Generator is the ONLY choice when you need power and sustainability to run for days!

Solar generators are not new.  In fact, there are many companies that offer solar generators.  The information below will help you understand why JASPak Portable Solar Generators cannot be beat when it comes to reliability, sustainability and security.

All solar generators are not created equal!  They have many of the same components which include the battery, solar panel and inverters.  But only the JASPak Portable Solar Generator can say we do it the biggest – and THE BEST!

Let’s look at the stage.  We have compared several of the JASPak Portable Solar Generator systems to many of the popular brands and models available.  We want you to see what is out there!  We want you to know what you get with other systems!  We want you to know what sets a JASPak Portable Solar Generator so far apart from the others and why you cannot go wrong with the JASPak system. This information was updated July 2016. Download the PDF here.

As of July 2016:
Compare JASPak Solar Generators

The others just don’t provide the solar power to keep you running like JASPak Portable Solar Generators can!

Great big batteries will last longer – but if there is not enough solar power to recharge you before the night falls, then you are without power for that night. JASPak Portable Solar Generators are built to use the largest solar panels period! This is why JASPak Portable Solar Generators can be design from 100 watts to 520 watts! The 300 watt and 520 watt systems will recharge your battery from 50% depth of discharge in under 6 hours! That is less than 1 day and you will be back to 100% by night fall. NOBODY comes close to the JASPak Portable Solar Generator on solar power options!

See what we mean…
Download the PDF here.

Compare JASPak Solar Generators

Example above assumes power loss in the evening, after the sun has gone down. Typical wattage’s for typical appliances in a home. Your devices my be higher or lower. Additional assumption is made that the solar generator is fully charged at the time of power outage. Because every JASPak Portable Solar Generator is shipped with a home charging/battery maintenance system – this is assumed. All measurements and run times are the same for all compared generator units.

The chart above shows other solar generators that have great claims on what their system can run – but they don’t have the solar power to recharge by the end of the day! What good is an expensive backup power solution when it will only run what you need for part of the day and then leave you without power because it can’t recharge when the sun is out?

The example chart above shows what you need to run when the power is out: Refrigerator, TV, charge cell phones and run lights. One unit uses a 100Amp-Hour battery but only 90 watts of solar power. As you can see, the Amp-Hours remaining goes below zero and NEVER recovers to positive. That simply means it cannot keep up with what you need because it cannot recharge in one day. After 1 day – you are without power until it recharges over 2 days. The second option has even less battery power and again, it cannot keep up with what you need.

The JASPak Portable Solar Generator system with 300 watts gets to about 50% depth of discharge just as the sun is coming up and recovers to 100% by the end of the day WHILE STILL RUNNING YOUR fridge and TV! This is unmatched power reliability!

In fairness to the other units – you can add solar panels to equal a single JASPak Portable Solar Panel – but the cost goes way above and beyond what you get from JASPak! On top of that, you cannot increase the battery size for longer run time without adding another unit. JASPak Portable Solar Generators are simply the best and will keep you going long after the others have run out of power!

You have already decided you need reliable emergency back up power – now get the system that delivers and won’t leave you in the dark!