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JASPak LLC is a proud American company manufacturing JASPak solar generators out of Northwest Georgia.  We set out to build a portable solar power solution that would provide immediate power anytime for any situation and allow for power generation and rapid recharging while the sun is shining.  Solar generators are the perfect fit for the environment and your home where emergency backup electricity is always available whenever you need power!  Designed for mobility, security and safety, the JASPak Solar Generator will be the ONLY solution you will need for years of reliable service.

We are a small business that believes in American pride, maintains American values and builds American products…and YES, WE built our small business!


At the center of any successful cooperative endeavor, there must be values around family, trust, reliability and teamwork.  The JASPak Solar Generator is Made In The USAThose very values serve as the core of the JASPak Solar Generator product team.  You will experience this in every product we deliver.  When you own a JASPak Solar Generator, you have invested in your future as well as ours and you have become part of the JASPak team.

We stand ready to provide you with a product that is reliable and trustworthy and we stand ready to support you and your investment.

The vision and chief design goals of the JASPak solar generator were to consolidate our entire solar powerhouse into one, easy to maneuver solution. Many portable solar generator units available today consist of batteries and charge controllers, but surprisingly few include inverters, system monitors or alternate charging options outside of a solar panel. What good is a partial solution to a whole problem? JASPak set out to solve these problems and provide customers with a one-stop solution to emergency backup power with portability and robust functionality .

We designed the entire generation system into a single portable case and then provided simple mobility to a very adequate solar panel to complete the package. Every JASPak solar generator unit, and we mean EVERY unit comes standard with:

  • VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Solar Power Batteries from 110Ah to 153Ah with a keyed Master on/off switch
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters from 1000 watts to 1100 watts to provide clean, reliable electricity at 110VAC @ 60Hz
  • Two or four 110 volt outlets on a switch
  • 12 volt sub-systems with one or two 12v outlets and USB charging ports on individual switches and fuses
  • Premium 12 volt battery charger/maintainer standard with all generator systems
  • 100 watt to 520 watt, mono-crystalline solar panel sets with 50ft power cable
  • Full range panel tilt mounts for manual sun tracking and the 300 watt and 520 watt systems ship with large 10″ wheels
  • 30 amp PWM or 30 amp MPPT solar charge controllers
  • Complete battery capacity monitor with remaining power and charge status

Now that is a JASPak Solar Generator and this is what we do!

Thank you for looking at our products and feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!