About JASPak Portable Solar Generator Systems

The JASPak Portable Solar Generator System

The JASPak Portable Solar Generator is the foundation for all JASPak portable power solutions. Because it serves as the foundation, it is designed and built to provide immediate and robust power when you need it most.  The following features are STANDARD on EVERY JASPak unit:The JASPak Solar Generator

  • VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Solar Power Batteries from 110Ah to 153Ah with a keyed Master on/off switch
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters from 1000 watts to 1100 watts to provide clean, reliable electricity at 110VAC @ 60Hz
  • Two or four 110 volt outlets on a switch
  • 12 volt sub-systems with one or two 12v outlets and USB charging ports on individual switches and fuses
  • Premium 12 volt battery charger/maintainer standard with all generator systems
  • 100 watt to 520 watt, mono-crystalline solar panel sets with 50ft power cable
  • Full range panel tilt mounts for manual sun tracking and the 300 watt and 520 watt systems ship with large 10″ wheels
  • 30 amp PWM or 30 amp MPPT solar charge controllers
  • Complete battery capacity monitor with remaining power and charge status

The JASPak Solar Generation System started as a solution to a problem at home and has evolved over many years into the premier portable power solution that it is today.  After the JASPak was born several years ago, continued evolution of the system was necessary and now shows our company’s commitment and desire to stay at the forefront of portable solar power technology.  Over the years, we have learned one important lesson – you have to put quality in, if you expect quality in return!  Every JASPak solar generator system uses the highest quality American made components that are available.  Below, you will find just what we mean:


The Battery:

The JASPak Solar GeneratorJASPak Portable Solar Generators are all built with AGM(Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries designed specifically for years of maintenance-free operation. Our battery sizes range from 110Ah to our largest, American Made 153Ah. AGM batteries are truly “next-generation” technology and deliver increased safety, performance, and service life over all other existing sealed battery types, including gel technology.  Learn more about AGM technology and what you can expect in our Learning Center.


The Inverter:

Our next component is the Pure Sine Wave(PSW) inverter, also known as a True Sine Wave.  We use 1000 watt, or the American Made 1100 watt inverter. We do not use Modified Sine Wave(MSW) inverters – ever!  MSW inverters do not provide clean power for use by ALL electronic devices.  What good is a portable power solution if it has limitations right out of the box?  Do not get charged an upgrade fee to add a pure sine wave inverter when the JASPak has it standard!  Also included are two or four separate 110v outlets that are switched.  You have full control over what is on or off.  Want to know more about PSW and MSW inverters?  Please visit the Learning Center and learn all about inverters.


12 Volt Sub-System:

Having 110 volts at your fingertips from the inverter is great, but what if your emergency situation doesn’t require AC power? The JASPak Solar GeneratorAll JASPak Portable Solar Generator systems come complete with an entire 12 volt sub-system for your 12 volt power needs.  In the Learning Center, you can read about the necessary inefficiency of inverters.  Why invert the DC to AC and then swap it back to DC to charge a cell phone or tablet device? In some situations, you do not even have to turn the inverter on and you can use pure, efficient DC power! All systems come with one or two individually fused and switched 12 volt cigarette lighter style plugs AND, since you are likely in an emergency situation – you  probably forgot your cell phone charger, so the JASPak also comes standard with USB ports for plugging your cell phone or tablet directly into the your JASPak Solar Generator! (yes, we are Apple compliant for that brand of devices). Now that is how you prepare for an emergency!  We provide more than enough power to charge several phones or tablets at once.


Battery Charger/Maintainer:

To keep your JASPak Portable Solar Generator system in a state of 100% readiness, we also include the latest in AGM battery charging technology – AT NO EXTRA COST!  In our 300 watt and 520 watt systems, we have integrated a premium 12 volt battery charger/maintainer/desulfator that uses a micro-processor controller and achieves true 5-stage battery maintenance.  Other systems include a standard 4-stage home charger. Quite literally Plug And Run, there is zero attention required once you have plugged this in.  Our goal was to give you piece of mind in knowing that you have emergency portable power at the immediate ready.  Keeping your JASPak Portable Solar Generator system 100%  charged is now simple and effortless once you plug it in!  Our Learning Center can provide you more information on battery charging and the importance of this STANDARD feature included in EVERY JASPak Portable Solar Generator!


Solar Panel and Charge Controller:

When the power is still out and you need it now, it is time to roll out the mono-crystalline solar panel set!  Each set is equipped with a 50 foot power cable and the panels can be setup outside in seconds and then plugged into to the solar panel charge controller.  The JASPak Solar GeneratorDepending on your chosen system, we use 2 different styles of solar charge controller. Our 300 watt and 520 watt systems use an American made, highly-efficient 30-amp maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller. Other systems use a well designed and efficient 30 amp PWM type controller. Why did we choose a mono-crystalline panel?  The Learning Center explains all about solar panels and charge controllers!


System Status Monitor:

The JASPak Solar GeneratorAlso included at no extra charge on all generator packages, a system battery monitor that provides you with what is remaining in your system.  The American made status monitor is a vital piece of technology that no system should be without.  The monitor will provide your current percent left on the battery.  A system of this caliber cannot be left to run without insight and the JASPak has you covered.